Roland AC33 Acoustic Guitar Amp

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NEW FINISHED IN PALO DE ROSA! Rich, deep stereo sound to carry — introducing the AC-33, the world's first purpose-built battery-operated amplifier for acoustic guitar. Portable, yet powerful, the AC-33 provides true stereo sound, Guitar and Mic/Line channels, custom-designed effects, anti-feedback, and Phrase Looper. But this amplifier has been conceived to go places where no other amplifier has ever gone before. Thanks to its ability to be operated by batteries, the AC-33 allows you to take your act anywhere: to the virgin jungle, in the streets, trajineras, or anywhere that your imagination dictates. 30 watts (15W+15W) of natural-sounding, stereo acoustic via twin speakers Feed it with AC or eight AA batteries (accepts rechargeable NiMH) Dual-channel configuration: Guitar and Mic/Line Reverb, Chorus, and Ambience effects (Ambience adds special, 3D-like depth to sound) Phrase Looper with 40 seconds of recording time Stereo AUX input (connect MP3/CD players, etc.), headphone output Anti-feedback function Integrated inclined stand stand Removable battery cartridge for easy battery replacement Now available in Palo de Rosa (model AC-33-RW)

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