The Company was founded by Norman Barrow who started to play the guitar at age 13 and played in several school bands at the time, The Lucky Seven and The Silhouettes. After school he went on to become a professional musician, giving up the career he was perusing as an Architect, and founded a band called the Sandpebbles. This group became very popular in Barbados and the region and recorded many hits. They also toured extensively to Canada, USA, UK and the Caribbean. He also developed his recording and producing skills and was responsible for recording all of the Band’s music and the majority of the other local Bands that were recording at that time.

During those days, it was very difficult for Musicians to get instruments in Barbados and this led him to import small accessory items for resale, which he sold from his bedroom. As the demand grew, this led to him open a store in Bridgetown and along with his Wife and Mother started to offer a wider range of Musical Equipment. In 1977 with the arrival of his 2nd Son he decided to quit the Band and go into the business full time.

Just at that time Sound was becoming a major part of Musicians' live performances. Additionally, there were many local shows and the Cropover Festival was in its infancy. This resulted in a growing need for Sound Systems for these events. With his passion for Music and skill as a recording engineer he started to provide this service which he saw as a natural fit for the Business.

Since then, the Company has expanded its offerings in the provision of Musical Instruments, Pro Audio, Audio Installations and Concert Production Services. They pioneered the development of the Musical Instrument and production services in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. The availability of Musical Instruments in Barbados helped to develop Music Education in the Schools. They also provided their services right across the Caribbean and have provided their services for most of the Festivals and Concerts in Barbados and the Region.

Today the Company still distributes products from the Worlds most respected manufacturers and has a World Class Sound System using the latest in Speaker and Digital Technology. They have worked with some of the World's top Performers and produced some of the top Festivals in the region. They have also been responsible for some of the most prestigious audio installations in Hotels, Night Clubs, Businesses, Schools and Churches. They recently refurbished and installed all of the Audio Equipment in Barbados' lone Concert Hall bringing it into the Digital World.

This Company has played a major role in the development of the Cultural Industries long before that word became familiar and today when one looks at the local and regional landscape, this development can be seen with the many service providers and events that exist today.