Shure P9HW Wired Body Pack Personal Monitor

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The P9HW is a wired, two-channel stereo personal monitor with individual mix controls. It delivers improved audio clarity and reduced feedback onstage versus traditional speaker wedges. Listen to one or two channels of audio from the mixing console through earphones, using MixMode technology to customize the mono blend or stereo mode to set the left/right balance. A four-band EQ and volume limiting further individualize the sound. Two standard AA batteries provide up to 9 hours of continuous use. The optional SB900 rechargeable battery (sold separately) extends runtime and allows easy in-unit charging. With a compact and rugged aluminum body, the P9HW ensures a long lifetime of use and easily clips onto a belt or guitar strap. Y-splitter cable included for connection to audio sources. FEATURES Rugged, all-metal construction LCD screen with menu-based navigation Easy to adjust volume knob and mix control Two input channels with MixMode technology or stereo mode output MixMode allows volume adjustment of the mono blend of two input mixes Stereo mode allows left/right balance adjustment for two mixes Volume limiter sets the maximum volume adjustment range 4-band parametric EQ Switchable line (+4 dBu) and aux (-10 dBV) input level 2 AA batteries provide up to 9 hours of use Optional Shure SB900 lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides extended runtime Power and battery status LED 5 segment battery life meter Power-save mode and automatic power-off preserves battery life

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